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Every year on March 20, it is the world’s time to campaign for healthy mouths. World oral health day is a day set aside for advocacy of dental wellness. Even while technology has done a lot to improve dental care, it is not enough. On this day, people celebrate healthy smiles and laughs, globally. This encourages the rest of the world to care for their teeth.

Why Is World Oral Health Day Important?

Looking forward to March 20 every year is not just important for dental experts. Every person should start enjoying the experience of taking care of their teeth. The day is special because it is there to remind people of the importance of taking care of teeth. After all, people have to remember that teeth are not only useful for chewing food. They are a source of beauty and confidence in an individual. Further, they improve your social lifestyle by boosting your self-confidence.

What Should You Do on This Day?

The World oral health day will not mean much to you until you decide to take action toward improving your oral health. If you decide to take any initiative regarding your dental health, then you are a step closer to achieving oral health perfection. Some of the smart actions you should consider taking include:

  • Visiting a dentist – there surely must be a dentist near you that you can trust with your oral health. A visit to a dentist is the best way to ensure your mouth is checked for all and any anomalies that might indicate a disorder. For this reason, consider a dentist that accepts guardian insurance so you do not have to worry about the payment plans.
  • Start flossing – admittedly, most people brush their teeth every day. However, very few people regard dental flossing as a necessary part of their oral hygiene practice. Flossing is the only way to get rid of any food residues in between your teeth. This ensures that you are maintaining healthy gums by reducing the chances of plaque build-up between your teeth.
  • Change up your diet – if there is a time to start on a healthy journey, it is on March 20th. This day should remind you about the importance of picking what you put in your mouth. Be cautious about taking sugary foods, which not only damage your teeth but also sabotage your overall health. Consider vegetables and fruits to boost your nutrient consumption.
  • Drink tap water – this may seem like a big swing for some people. However, research has found that tap water is the best for teeth because it is fluoridated. The fluoride is a necessary natural element for teeth. It helps boost the strength and health of your teeth.
  • Replace all missing teeth – if you have a single missing tooth or more, make this day your time for a change. You can consider a facility for dental implants in Chicago, IL to replace your tooth. This improves the alignment of your teeth, all while improving the functionality thereof.
  • Get screened for oral cancer – cancer is a big monster in the 21st century that keeps claiming lives. Seeking oral cancer treatment should not be a path that everyone follows. It is why you should determine to get screened for oral cancer and ensure you are safe.
  • Start protecting your teeth – brushing and flossing is one thing. Protecting your smile can mean a whole different thing. Using dental mouthguards, for example, should not be shocking for you. This is especially for people who engage in sporting activities. Be sure to cover your mouth with a special mouthguard to protect them from external impact. Besides mouthguards, you can also consider dental sealants. They are a great way to protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth. They prevent plaque from hiding in the depressions of teeth, which provides a conducive environment for tooth decay.
  • Choose your drinks carefully – food may make a big part of your nutrition, but so do drinks. The drinks you take can affect the health of your teeth. Acidic drinks, for example, promote the thinning of the enamel, not to mention, cause discoloration. They also tend to have lots of sugar, which is still not good for your teeth. Drinks like sodas, fruit juices, and cordials should not make up your daily routine. Stick to taking lots of water instead.


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