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Oral health for babies must begin before the child develops baby teeth. Parents must not think that babies who do not have milk teeth don’t require oral care. Dentistry for children encourages parents to provide oral care to their child from infancy when they expect their first milk tooth. Oral care and a visit to the pediatric dentist must occur no later than age one recommended by the ADA and the AAPD.

Most dentists agree with the ADA’s recommendations and confirm the children’s dental visits must begin by their first birthday. The child’s oral healthcare needs cannot be entrusted to any dentist, and parents must seek help from the dentist who is a pediatric dentist Chicago.

Why Prefer A Pediatric Dentist For Children?

Pediatric dentists are professionals with the experience and qualifications needed to give children professional dental care not available with other dentists. Pediatric dentists care for the child’s teeth, gums, and supporting tissues in the mouth and are your child’s best friend regarding their oral health from infancy throughout adolescence. The pediatric dentist helps your child receive the protection they need against oral health issues that can have long-term complications and consequences.

The Benefits of Taking Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist

Are you one of those taking your child to your family dentist because they provide oral healthcare to the entire household? It is time you think differently and scheduled an appointment with a pediatric dentist for your child. You can confidently decide that you are acting in your child’s best interests because the pediatric dentist provides specialized care not available even with your family dentist. Some conditions and concerns are specific to children and are best handled by pediatric dentists successfully.

Taking your child to any dentist is challenging because they may have fears and anxieties about visiting medical practices. Children are usually noncooperative during their appointments, making it incredibly essential for you to ensure a specialist is at hand to patiently and calmly deal with your child and provide the necessary treatments. Pediatric dentists are trained to be calm with the child and use specialized tools designed for children to efficiently and effectively provide quality care to your child’s oral healthcare needs.

You can immediately take your child to the pediatric dentist after their first tooth emerges or their first birthday. The pediatric dentist will identify early signs and indications of any health issues like tooth decay or cavities. If problems are diagnosed, the dentist in Chicago, IL administers appropriate treatment in the early stages to prevent the problem from progressing.

What Are The Services Provided By Pediatric Dentists?

The list of services provided by pediatric dentists is endless, but here are a few to indicate why a pediatric dentist is better for your child:

  • Pediatric dentists can perform oral health exams for children, including the risks of decay and cavities in both the child and the mother.
  • They can suggest preventive measures to stay away from cavities recommending dental cleaning, fluoride treatments, and nutrition and diet education.
  • Pediatric dentists evaluate, diagnose, and treat orthodontic conditions like crooked or misaligned teeth and an improper bite.
  • They detect oral health problems associated with asthma, congenital heart defect, diabetes, hay fever, and many others early to provide appropriate treatment.
  • Pediatric dental care is essential for the treatment and care of dental injuries, including damaged or fractured teeth.
  • Dentistry for children offers habit counseling on thumbsucking and pacifier use.
  • Preventing and managing the treatment of common infections and periodontal diseases are also services provided by pediatric dentists.

Children Also Benefit From Proper Home Care

Oral health problems and infections affect children, just like adults. Children rely on adults to help manage their oral health. Parents must teach children about the value of good oral hygiene habits and make an effort to help them develop a proper routine when caring for their oral health. Parents must emphasize children brush and floss their teeth correctly and as recommended by the pediatric dentist to ensure they discourage plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth. It is also incredibly essential for the parents to schedule regular and six-monthly visits with the pediatric dentist for their child for exams and cleanings, which are the cornerstone of excellent oral hygiene. When parents plan dental visits for their child, they invest in the future of their child’s excellent dental hygiene habits that lead to better overall health throughout their lives.


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