Dental Fillings

Dentist in Bridgeport, Chicago

No one is too old to get cavities if they have their natural teeth. The cause of cavities is tooth decay, and the decay doesn’t hurt until there is damage to the tooth, which is often exposed when you drink something cold or hot. If treated promptly, a dental filling will cover the damaged area of the tooth, and it can last for several years.

What Takes Place When a Dentist Fills a Tooth?

If you’re complaining of toothache when you sit down in one of our dentist’s chairs at Ganger Family Dentistry, then he or she will examine your teeth and closely look at the ones near where you feel pain. In most cases, our dentists will be able to spot the offending tooth by the damage resulting from tooth decay.

The dentist will perform an x-ray and provide some sedation to help relax you. Since sedation like laughing gas can also act as pain relief for giving patients injections to numb the nerves around your tooth and gums, the dentist will use a dental pick to find out the extent of the damage. Finally, he or she will ask which type of filling you want, then go to work, drilling the tooth to remove the decay.

Types of Fillings

Most patients will have a choice between five fillings, which are:

  • Amalgam
  • Composite
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Glass Ionomer

With good oral hygiene habits and maintaining routine visits with one of our Bridgeport dentists at Ganger Family Dentistry, most of the fillings will last for several years. While the composite material, ceramic, and glass ionomer fillings are available in shades that match natural teeth, the amalgam and metal fillings are usually more durable, so they last longer.