Dental Bridges

Dentist in Bridgeport, Chicago

Losing teeth to decay or an accident can be traumatic for many people because it dramatically alters their appearance. Fortunately, our Bridgeport dentist has several ways of replacing teeth that look natural and function like your natural ones. Dental bridges are a good option when one or more teeth are missing in the same area.

Choosing A Dental Bridge

After having teeth extracted or replaced after an accident, one of our Back of the Yard dentists can discuss your options for dental bridges in Chicago. The option that’s growing in popularity is implant-supported dental bridges.

What Is An Implant-Supported Bridge?

Since bridges become a permanent part of your teeth because our dentists in Chicago will cement it into your mouth, mini dental implants provide a stronger structure for a bridge. This bridge has many advantages for the wearer.

No Alternations To Natural Teeth

Traditional bridges have crowns on either side of the replacement tooth for support. With crowns, the natural teeth need trimming and shortening to allow them to fit properly. However, with implants, it isn’t necessary to alter healthy teeth as the implants provide the necessary support for the bridge.

Cannot Slip Or Fall Off

Our dentists at Ganger Family Dentistry are aware of how embarrassing it can be for patients when dental prosthetics, like dentures or traditional bridges, slip or fall out of their mouths while eating, laughing, or talking. That is why they recommend fixed bridges when a few teeth are missing.

Fixed bridges, which include implant-supported bridges, are cemented in place by dentists in our offices in Chicago. Since dentists fuse the bridge to the implants for better stability than the artificial roots provide, this is very little chance of the bridge coming loose from the cement the dentists use.

Reduces Loss Of Gums And Jawbone

When teeth are missing, the gums recede, and the jawbone shrinks. These actions can cause instability of the surrounding teeth and weaken them. By replacing missing teeth with an implant-supposed bridge, the artificial roots help provide stability for the other teeth, as well as the bridge.

Don’t allow missing teeth to alter your appearance and endanger the health of your remaining teeth. Instead, discuss getting a dental bridge with one of our dentists.